Thursday, February 25: Genesis 40- A new gift for a new day.

Joseph’s organizational and leadership gifts, plus the favor of God, have been upon him since he entered Egypt. We saw them first in Potiphar’s house, then in the prison. Now a new gift emerges. In a moment of necessity, Joseph finds that he has the faith and reliance on God so that he can interpret dream.  Joseph has had dreams himself before but he didn’t appear to know what they meant. Now he seeks and receives the interpretive aspect of dreams.

I know Joseph’s story well enough to realize that this dream will be his ticket out of jail and into the presence of Pharaoh himself. But I don’t want to run too far ahead.

Back to today’s story, Joseph receives this gift in a moment of need. It seems to me that God releases most of His gifts to His people in a moment of need. Gifts test and inventories tell us about who we are and what we have done. But Joseph, in a place of ministry, couldn’t look back into his life to ‘find’ this gift. He had to seek God in the present so that he could be an agent of God in the moment… from this, God’s gift came. This makes some sense to me. God wants us touching others for Him. So it is that needed gifts flow when we are in the connection place between a human in need and God who can supply that need.

Second Joseph is clearly relying on God, not himself. There are times when I can help a person in need from what God has already given me. To help that person is to be a ‘Good Samaritan.’ But there are times when the need present is not within my resources, it is then that I need to relay on God to provide what I do not have. I have seen that in prayer with people for healing, or when a word of wisdom flows through me that I know is not from my store-house of personal experience.

Sometimes that flow of gifts is just for the moment. Sometimes it is the first use of a gift God gives to us to use throughout our lives. Only God knows that answer.

My counsel at this point is to ALWAYS remember that the gifts bring glory and honor to God not to self!!! 

Are you interested in having God’s gifts flow through you? Then become active in ministry and watch what God will do…

Have a great day living for Jesus.

Lord, Thank You for using me in regular and beyond regular ways. May all my life bring You honor and glory. Though Your name, Jesus, I pray. Amen


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