Friday, June 3: Leviticus 23- Celebrating God's provision.

Feasts, special days, weeklong festivals spread throughout the year. Solemn days, festivities, sacred acts, symbolic living, eating regulations, particular times of the year, first harvest, final harvest are signs of God’s provision. Year after year Israel is to celebrate and commemorate these events.

Seeing all of these beyond the weekly Sabbath feasts in one location gives a sense of the yearly rhythm. Israel is never very far away from a corporate, communal recognition of the Lord. God embedded Himself in their yearly rhythm with these occasions.

That last thought ushered me into thinking about godly rhythms that keep my community of faith connected to the Lord. Like the Israelites weekly celebrations are the most regular community rhythm. Seasonally there is Christmas and Easter. These great festivals of the faith celebrate God’s breaking into the world in Jesus’ birth and Jesus’ resurrection, God’s ultimate victory over sin and evil. For some Christians, Pentecost, 50 days after Easter, is another significant feast. However, even including Pentecost, I notice that these Christian feasts fall within a 5 month span of time. This year a full 7 months will elapse between Pentecost and Christmas.

I am wondering what might be done to have a faith celebration during that 7-month period of time. Corporate celebrations are faith building.

I also noticed that 3 of pilgrim feasts of Israel mark moments of God’s provision… Feasts of Weeks (new grain offering) and Tabernacles (a harvest festival). Israel had corporate recognitions of God’s provision… that’s a powerful thought. We, in the church, do not do that… I am wondering how we might do it

Year after year God provides for me. My family eats and has shelter and necessities. Celebrating God’s provision seems today like it might be a good thing to do. I wonder how the people of the church might celebrate God’s provision in their lives. I have to chew on this a bit more.

Lord, God, thank You for all the ways You have provided for me, my family and my faith family. You are so good, Oh, Lord. And I bless and thank You for all the ways You care for me.

Show me, Lord, how I might honor You for all Your ‘goodnesses’. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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