Monday, June 20: Numbers 1- Known and loved.

In Matthew 10:30 Jesus mentions that God has the hairs on our heads numbered, an outstanding pronouncement about how well we are known by God. In this chapter of numbers we see a glimpse of how well God knows us.

Of the two million* or so Jews on the plain near Mt Sinai, God knew the names of the 11 heads of the clans. God told Moses the names of these men! Talk about being known!

This launched me into thoughts about how well God knows me. God knows my lineage… those who have come before me and those who will come after me. God knows my age. God knows the hairs on my head… this is how well God knows me.

Elsewhere in the Bible we are told that God knows our heart. So God not only knows my “statistics” God knows what makes me tick… He knows my heart.


Knocked off my horse… God loves me and you! God sent Jesus to save me and you. God knows us and LOVES us.

I sit this morning wrapped in the love of God… a knowing love… an informed love.

Oh. the depth and the riches of God’s love… this is not just some generic love, or love for ‘everybody,’ it is God’s love for me…

O how He loves you and me. O how He loves you and me. He gave His life what more can He do. O how he loves me. O how he loves you. O how he loves you and me.

Yes, Jesus you love me and I am forever grateful. Praise be to You, Jesus. Father, Holy Spirit. One supreme God over all. Amen.


[*I estimate 2 million people. There were 603,000 fighting men age 20 and older. The clan of Levi wasn’t counted but the average clan size was 54,000 men 20 and older. A rough estimate would be 1 million men in total from birth up and therefore 2 million once we add in the women.]


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