Wednesday, June 8: Leviticus 27- Give God His due.

As I finished my chapter for today, I found myself thinking,

·         What connects to my life?

·         What is the Lord teaching me in this chapter?

·         What piece will connect me closer to the Lord, or warn me about some sin trap?

·         What lesson did Israel learn that I can transpose to my life?

Slowly the throught emerged, ‘Give God His due.’

Give God the honor, give God the offerings, give God the service, give God the praise that He is due.

Our God is the Lord, God, Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, protector and provider for His people, Eternal Judge over all. Give God His due.

Truly His due is everything. What do I have that was not given by Him? Who holds my future? God… the one to whom I have sworn allegiance!

Slowly the thoughts morphed toward more practical specifics…

·         Lord, what would You have me do… today?

·         What can I do for and with You today?

·         What life direction do You want me to take with the years I have remaining this side of eternity?

·         Lord, where should I re-double my efforts in giving You Your due?

And so I sat, listening for the Lord’s voice… pledging to follow where He leads…

Oh, Lord, I offer You anew and afresh my life. Use me as you deem best. In large and small ways of You leading, may my life matter in advancing Your kingdom near and far around this globe of Yours. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.



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