Tuesday, June 14: Psalm 104- God.

How does one express the concept and understanding of God? How does a person explain what she knows about the Almighty? Theologians write tomes, volumes of pages, dense deep thoughts, inaccessible to many, we, who are ‘average’ humans.

Then comes along a poet or lyricist who take the depths of what they have experienced with God Almighty, their images and meter, their rhythm and word-pictures that bring the vastness of God Almighty into view.

This is what I experienced as I read Psalm 104. It is not so much a proposition explaining God as it is a meter and brush strokes of words that allow me to apprehend a glimpse of God and take Him into my heart.

My prose cannot do justice to the seeds planted in me by this Psalm.

Clouds His chariots, the wind His wings (3-4)… God is far above and over all I know. He glides where I can only dream to go. God controls what I do not fully understand (setting forth the earth, partitioning the waters (5-6)), stablishing His people, creating animals and on and on the Psalm sings of God Almighty.

My heart grasps God’s grandeur; my mind limps to keep up. God controls. God reigns. God remembers His promises. God brings joy and judgment. God’s Words command…

As the Psalmist paints his masterful word-picture, I, like the psalmist himself, am reduced to praise. Nothing else seems fitting. Nothing else seems the correct response.

Praise the Lord (45).

I will praise You, Lord. I will sing Your wonders. I will exalt You, Oh, Lord, Most High. Halleluiah. Amen.


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