Saturday, June 11: Psalm 102- Prayer of an afflicted person.

In my family we have a playful expression when we are bummed about something, “Oh, I am in the depths of despair and depression.”

This Psalm was written and is directed to people who really are ‘in the depths of despair and depression.” The moniker at the beginning reads, “A prayer of an afflicted person who has grown weak and pours out a lament before the Lord.”

When I am in that place I usually don’t know how to pray. And I often cannot find words even to speak with others. Life is imploding.

How excellent that the Lord would give us a prayer for just such a time. God cares, God knows our needs even before we do, and God offers help.

God inspired prayer for very dark days!

For me these words are both actual words to pray and an outline of how to pray… how to speak my situation to the Lord.

And they open with honesty… the Psalmist lays out how he/she feels in heart wrenching ways (read again 1-11).

It occurs to me that too often I am too polite in my private and personal prayer. I mask and minimize my hurt when I speak to the Lord, because ‘real people of faith’ aren’t supposed feel that depressed or be that anxious.

This Psalm is honest with God… “Bill, be honest with God when you pray. Speak what you feel and think. God can handle it.” This thought explodes in my mind.

Holy Spirit is that Yo?. Are You saying this or is it just a reach by my own thoughts?

I sit and allow God to answer.

Slowly I seem to hear God’s reply, “It is me. I want to have a relationship with You. I want You to be honest with Me. Only then can I enter Your world, and more importantly, only then I pour my healing and love into you so that you can enter My world. When You are honest, I can help You. When You pretend, You are actually hiding from me.”

I am blown away by the depth of God’s care for me… for you… for us.

Oh, God, thank You for this prayer for when I truly am in the depths of despair and depression. You are so good. I love You. I delight that I am Your son, Your child… thanks be to You, Oh God, for Jesus, my Savior. Amen and Amen.


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