Monday, June 27: Numbers 7- Giving God a gift.

Reading this chapter, I found myself thinking about giving gifts to the Lord. As Moses was setting up the sanctuary the different clans brought gifts to the Lord, silver plates, bowls, etc. The idea of bring God gifts launched my meditation.

I wondered what I might choose to bring the Lord for all His blessings and the wonder of being connected with God 24-7-365.

Now the Israelites had a very practical opportunity for giving gifts to God, outfitting the tabernacle. I do not have a presenting idea but still I spent some time thinking about apt gifts I could give the Lord.

I could give a special gift to support evangelization around the world. God did say we are to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28).

I could give a special gift to support the local church. The church is God plan for reaching the world and discipline new believers.

I could give a gift to help someone who has run on hard times; the poor, the orphan, the widow. (see James 1:27).

I could dedicate myself to godly learning, giving my time, energy and even formal studies to grow in Jesus above what I am already doing.

I could offer time I am now using on myself to serve God through the church or another kingdom building ministry.

The more I ponder this question the more options I come up with.

The real question is… will I give God a gift? Will you?

Lord, Your care for us never ends. Thank You for all Your love and care. Thank You for the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life and the world. Thank You for Jesus and His atoning death on the cross. Thank You, God.  Thank You. Amen.


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