Wednesday, June 22: Numbers 3- set apart for God.

The Levites are set apart for God. They had special duties as part of their special calling. They were God’s ‘share’ of Israel. The Levites cared for the Tabernacle and then the Temple of God.

With the birth of the NT, the people of God are the temple of God. No longer do we need people to care for the altar or the articles of the temple. Instead we, who are the temple, are also the ones who care for the temple. Love for the brethren is our calling today.

As my thoughts wound down this road from Levites caring for a physical temple to loving one-another as God’s ‘levitical’ action today, I heard God’s whisper to consider love… love for my sisters and brothers in God’s church.

Love cares, love forgives, trusts, protects, hopes. Love is patient and kind, seeking the good of others, protecting hoping. Love, as Paul reminds us in 1Corinthians 13, never fails.

I think of different people in my local church.  Do I love them? I mean truly (biblically) love them? My answer is a definite, sometimes. I fall short of God’s ideal so often. Despite my failings love remains my goal and calling.

Oh, God, I need so much help to grow in LOVE. I cannot do it on my own, my life is a testament to that. Help me, Lord. First I pray for the will and desire to love as YOU Jesus love. Then Lord, I pray for power to LOVE. Holy Spirit, may Your indwelling presence provide all in need to Love as Jesus loved.

This is my prayer… In Jesus’ name. Amen.



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