Thursday, June 16: Psalm 106- We can always return home.

This is a sad Psalm of woe and disobedience. Israel has sinned; the Psalmist freely admits this and yet turns to the Lord and cries out for salvation.

I can, you can, we always can turn back to the Lord. No matter how far we have drifted, God will meet us when we turn back.

The Lord is the prodigal God who will run to us once He sees us turn toward home!

Israel, for all her misdeeds, is invited through this Psalm to recognize her sins, repent and turn to the Lord.

I realize, too, that I can always come home to the Lord no matter where I have been. Recognize, repent, return home… that is God’s road to renewal and salvation.

Oh, Lord, thank You for the open invitation.

Search me and know me. Show me my wicked ways that I might be clean before You and useful to You. My desire, Oh, Lord, is to act justly and do what is right (3). For that to be so Your Spirit needs to be alive in me and given full reign to guide and direct me. Come, Holy Spirit, fill me that I might be spent for Jesus. In His name, I pray. Amen.


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