Saturday, September 3: Deuteronomy 24- The Lord never wastes experiences.

Three times Moses exhorts the people to remember their past. Verse 9… remember how God dealt with Miriam’s skin disease? Verses 18 and 22…remember you were slaves in Egypt… I have read injunctions like this before in the Scriptures.

The thought struck me, God never wastes our experiences. Where we have been, what we have done and God’s activities in the midst of our lives is a treasure trove that can guide us or warn us as we move into the future.

As a parent I can think of countless times I have prevailed on things I learned in life to attempt to steer my children in wise directions. Sometimes they listened and learned. Sometimes they needed to make the very mistake I warned them against. Hopefully they learned the lesson that second time.

It has been said, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. While that is not exactly what the Lord is speaking to my heart this morning, it is certainly connected.

As I listen to Moses’ exhortation to remember their past, the Lord is reminding me that He has led me in my life for a reason. And things I have learned and experienced are often useful as I move forward. And these experiences are useful when I mentor and guide others along the way of Jesus.

As a believer now for 40+ years, I have much to draw on from my time with Jesus.  Sometimes it is helpful to reach back to before I became a disciple and recall some of the generally less positive J lessons from those days, too. I believe God was there, unseen and unacknowledged for sure, but present nonetheless.

Take some time today to recall some lessons from your past.   How might they help you live faithfully today?

Lord, thank You for lessons learned and for Your presence with me throughout my life. Thank You, Lord, for never giving up on me, but for being the ‘hound of heaven’, pursuing me even when I had turned my back on You. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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