Friday, September 30: Psalm 128- Blessedness is an outcome of an obedient heart .

Bless me God, Bless me God, this is the prayer of many. People want to be blessed by God. People want to be blessed, period. For many the thinking goes, because I am human or because I am a ‘good’ person (‘good’ being defined by the person themselves), I really deserve to be blessed.

Today’s Psalm, however, offers a different equation. The psalm begins:

Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in obedience to him (1).

From the Psalmist’s prayer we see that blessedness is an outcome of an obedient heart.

Obedience receives the blessing of God…

There was my spiritual nourishment for this morning. Obedience receives the blessing of God.

The natural next step for me as I sat with my Lord this morning was to probe my obedience in light of God’s Word… and to listen to the voice of the Spirit as He raises points He wants me to ponder, weigh, change and mature.

Is the Lord speaking to you about your obedience?

Before I closed the book and got up from the lap of the Lord, He whispered some encouragement, noting times and growth in obedience.

God is so good, firm yet gentle, confronting working while encouraging obedience…

Thank You, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit for Your leading, Your love, Your reproving, Your encouraging. Bless You for inviting me to partner with You in life and the advance of Your Kingdom.

Lord, I surrender to You. Use me as You will. Use me up in Your service. I am forever Yours, a servant in Your household, a soldier in Your army. I pray through Jesus, my Lord. Amen.


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