Wednesday, September 14: Deuteronomy 33- Blessing.

I love the fact that Moses’ last corporate act was to bless the people. He names each tribe and the son of Israel, who was their father, and blesses each tribe with a personal blessing.

Blessing is a powerful gift. Moses knew he was going to die, and he chose his final words to be a blessing. What a gift he gave. Not everyone is given time before they die to speak with key people in their lives. I don’t know when or how the Lord will bring me home, even so Moses’ example speaks to me.

When the time comes for me to leave pastoral work, I pray I follow Moses’ lead and bless the people of God with a blessing particular to whom they are in Christ.

 I also hope and pray I have an inkling from the Lord before I die so that I have time to bless each of my family members as Moses blessed the tribes.  

It is beautiful to me that a blessing is the last words the people hear from Moses’ lips.  Moses inspires me to do whatever I can do to let a blessing be the last thing my family and the people of God hear from my lips…

Lord, I make this request, that You allow me Your grace to have my final words to those I love be a blessing. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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