Thursday, September 15: Deuteronomy 34- Legacy.

Death comes to everyone, great and small, rich and poor, famous and average. Death comes to everyone.

And for Moses, death comes on the top of a mountain in the hands of the Lord. This seems somewhat fitting for a man who lived his life following the Lord and leading others to do the same.

There is something fitting about Moses being buried in an unmarked grave. Except for a few slipups Moses lived a life that never gloried in self but always pointed to the Lord. A revered gravesite would only have attracted attention to himself. People would have flocked there and turned it into a sideshow. This way Moses’ legacy is his life not his gravesite.

Thinking about this, gravesites are for the living not the dead. Many people erect large, ‘look-at-me’ gravestones or even mausoleums, but the reality is that their body is decaying just like everyone else’s. However, our truest legacy is the touch we have had on the people around us.

I guess the pyramids are the most lavish example history has of people erecting a monument to self. But even there the wonderfully embalmed Egyptian Pharaohs have decayed. Only the stone remains, much of the treasure looted by tomb raiders. And were it not for massive preservation efforts, including controlling ground water, the pyramids would not be in the condition they are.

Buildings decay, deceased bodies decay, what remains is our influence on the lives of others. Moses didn’t need a marvelous tomb to cement his legacy. The people entering the Promised Land did that.

I began to wonder about the legacy I will leave.  How about you? What will yours be? And more importantly what can I (we) do in the years we have left to cement our legacies?

Think about it…

Lord, I know that my best legacy will be my following of You as vigorously and well as I possibly can. Help me, Lord, to live for You today and all of my todays until I meet You in eternity. Then I will enter Your rest and hear the best welcome of all time, ‘Well done my good and faithful son, come and enter Your Father’s happiness’.

In Jesus I live and move and find my being… Alleluia Amen.


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