Monday, March 21: Exodus 7- Bow or be crushed.

I find myself thinking about Pharaoh. On the one hand he never had a chance… God was going to harden his heart (3). And as the story unfolds Pharaoh’s heart hardens against Moses and the Israelites’ request (13, 22).

It is a sad and defeated situation to have God stand against you.

As the account unfolds Pharaoh grows colder and colder to God. No proof of God’s power seems enough to warm Pharaoh’s heart.

As Jonathan Edwards preached, it is a terrible thing for sinners to fall into the hands of an angry God, and Pharaoh will soon find out how true that is.

My meditations switched from Pharaoh to me.   What can a person do to not feel the weight of God’s wrath and anger?

Bow to Him. Worship Him. Extol the Lord and put one’s belief in Him. And that is what God would desire that I do… bow, worship and extol Him, who is Lord of all and God over all.

Will you join me?...

Lord God, Father Almighty, I adore You and worship You. I acknowledge that You alone are God, my God, and only will I seek you. My heart yearns for You. As a deer pants for water, so my heart pants for You, my Lord and my God. Through Jesus Christ, my Lord, I dare to pray this prayer.  Amen.



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