Thursday, March 10: Psalm 89- The will to remain faithful.

God will keep His Word. Our great God, who is above all gods, will keep His Word. The pounding heart of the psalmist affirms this as he rejoices in God and wonders why God has rejected His people.  Yes, the anointed ones have rejected God, but how long will God punish them? How long will God be against them? How long? How long?

There are times and seasons when we need to will ourselves to trust God. Our natural eyes don’t see the hand or favor of God waving in our direction. We feel abandoned and rejected.

It is in those times that we have to cling, as this psalmist clings, to God’s Words and Promises.

When the doctor calls and health issues are bad; when finances fail; when a loved one dies; when trust is broken and relationships shatter; when depression flairs, we wonder, “where are You, God?” Those are the days to reach deep into the promises of God, that He is near and He is for us. We may not understand it clearly in those moments but we cling by faith… not sight (read Hebrews 11).

Such is the cry of the psalmist…

Oh, God, I pray for faith to believe you today and every day, no matter the circumstances, no matter the situation. Lord, I pray for strength to cling to You. Through Jesus, my Lord, I pray. Amen.



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