Saturday, March 26: Exodus 12- The price of freedom.

Someone in a very different context said, “The price of freedom is never free.” The Hebrews certainly learned that on the Passover night. Having endured oppression at the hands of the Egyptians and then living through the plagues, albeit being protected from the final ones, the Hebrews come to this final night in Egypt.

All around them they hear the wailing of families as firstborn children and animals die. God’s hand again protected the Hebrews but they lived amongst the pain. And although they may not have paid the price, their freedom cost the Egyptians heavily!

The connection to the NT and Jesus’ death, as our Passover Lamb, is unmistakable for Christians. For a second time the people of God are brought to freedom. This time it is freedom from sins’ penalty and freedom from Satan’s jail (or kingdom, see Col 1:9). And this time our freedom cost us nothing but cost Jesus everything.

This is the amazing truth of the Christian faith.  Jesus, God’s one and only Son and God Himself, paid the price of our freedom.

Freedom, even spiritual freedom, is never free! Thankfully Jesus paid for the freedom of everyone who believes in Him.

Think about that… a great truth for the day after Good Friday and the eve of Easter! Halleluiah! Amen!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the cross and for buying my freedom. Thank You for raising from the dead the first of all who believe in You to eternal life. Halleluiah!  Let all the people sing ‘Halleluiah, Jesus Christ is risen from the dead forevermore’. Amen and Amen.


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