Tuesday, March 15: Exodus 2- The power of one.

Pharaoh’s daughter intrigued me. I have to think that she, or someone in her party, knew that Hebrew baby boys were to be killed, drowned in the Nile River (1:22). And yet, here she is drawing a Hebrew boy from the river and saving him. Was she and her entourage rebellious or was it that seeing the little helpless baby body broke through a calloused heart?

I simply do not know, the text is silent. Certainly God was at work in her to draw the baby from the water.

My thoughts returned to the situation.  Seeing a person in crisis is much more likely to move another human being to help, but there are no guarantees. In Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, two people walk by the helpless victim before a third person helps. However still seeing a person in need does change hearts. I read of a study that shows people give more to help the need of one person rather than a huge group in trouble. In other words, tell the story of one refugee in need breaks more hearts that explaining that thousands of people are fleeing for their lives. It seems to be the power of identifying with one person to whom we can relate.

Pharaoh’s daughter saw one Hebrew and her heart broke while hundreds, maybe thousands, were otherwise being killed.

The Lord took me back to yesterday.  Instead of thinking about these massive injustices as dark blotches on landscape of human life, I keep my eyes and heart open for one person, one family in need and help them. What the Lord does in my heart after that is up to Him.

In the mean time I will pray…

Oh, God, give me courage to face the injustices of life when they are brought to my doorstep. May I follow Your lead and do what would please You. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen


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