Thursday, March 24: Exodus 10- Why spar with God.

God is tightening the noose. Pharaoh’s anger is growing and soon God will win.  He always does.

Don't toy or trifle with God. This is what I hear in my heart as I listen to this sad story. Once powerful Egypt is nearing a precipice they will tumble over never to fully rise again.

Quickly my thoughts and musings turn from Egypt to myself. Why would I ever think I could spar with God and win.  Pharaoh will lose in the next chapters. Moses argued and lost. Jonah ran and was found. Even Satan, a most powerful angel, is destined to lose (read Revelation).

My thoughts, my dreams, my goal should be to learn to submit, to obey and to follow immediately as God leads and directs, not argue and whine with God when I hear Him say, ‘Do this or that’.

Oh, God, give me a willing heart. Give me a listening heart that I may follow and serve You, Lord, all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


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