Thursday, March 17: Exodus 4- An unlikely hero of faith.

By this point a picture of Moses has been drawn and it is not particularly flattering.

Moses is impulsive and potentially violent.  He killed an Egyptian with no legitimate reason.

He is not particularly faith-filled. He never had his son circumcised (24-26).

Moses was argumentative with God and likely quite fearful. He has had a long and protracted argument with God about God’s call. The conversation dragged on and the questioning of God continued until God grew angry. Don’t miss verse 14!

Only when he was backed into a corner and confronted with God’s anger did Moses relent. His last words were, please send someone else (13).

A most unlikely faith hero, if you ask me…

It was not until he stopped arguing with God and started serving God that faith, boldness and strength of character, will flowed into and through him.

I saw a lesson here. It is when we act that God’s presence manifests in us.

Standing or sitting in the safety of our homes or our church sanctuaries, we are filled with human frailty. However, propelled by the Lord and in the midst of doing His will, God’s gifts emerge and blossom.

In marching to battle Gideon grew brave. In standing on Pentecost day, Peter’s tongue was loosened to preach and proclaim God’s truth. Jonah didn’t find God’s strength until he stopped running from God and began to work for God. Such is the way of God. Gifts and talents are delivered on time for a purpose not to stock shelves and fill coffers.

If we want to be used by God we need to be obedient to God’s call. When we step out in faith God will provide what we need to do what He has sent us to do.

The gifts don’t flow before we go…

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, here I am, send me… Amen


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