Wednesday, March 2: Genesis 45- The power of forgiveness.

Joseph embraced and kissed his brothers… 10 of them sold him into slavery! Then he talked with his brothers… try to imagine that conversation (14-15). He blessed them saying, ‘don't be stressed, don’t be angry with yourselves’ (5). He tried to lift the burden of guilt from them with these words. .

All of this is amazing. A person cannot do this in their own strength. But a person who knows forgiveness and extends forgiveness… such a person can hug and kiss and bless someone who hurt them, even hurt them deeply.

I marvel, the GOSPEL works. God can make old hearts new. God can heal hurting hearts so that they can love again.

In this chapter we do not see how but we see what God can accomplish in a human heart that surrenders to Him.

And God not only can do this, God invites us into His presence where He can and will do it in our lives if we will only let Him.

I am blown away by this… I am humbled and encouraged. God is soooo good.

Do you realize how good God is???

Lord, God, I just want to bless You and bless Your name. Work in me, Lord. Do whatever You deem necessary to make me into the man You want me to be. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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