Wednesday, March 23: Exodus 9- The way of the human heart is a mystery .

I wondered how many displays God would have to send Pharaoh before Pharaoh acknowledged that God was God? The answer will be ‘one too many’ because Pharaoh never will acknowledge God.

It seems for some people God can never do enough to break into their lives. This is a profound mystery, one I do not fully understand.

Two people can witness a miracle, one believe in God, the other walk away unconvinced. Two people can hear a sermon preached, one believe in God and the other leave worship unconvinced. Two people raised in the same family, one takes for themselves the Christian faith of the family and the other not. Two people sitting side by side can watch a sunrise, one sees the hand of God, the other the wonder of nature.

The way of the human heart is a mystery. What will unlock faith in God Almighty for one will not for the other.

The way of the human heart is a mystery.

And, yet, God bids His followers to keep on trying to tell others about God, our Father and Jesus, His only Son, our Savior. And so we try one avenue, tact, approach after another, in the hopes that a key to the heart and mind is found and people will believe that Jesus is Savior of the world.

Lord, help me to never tire of heralding Your Good News. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


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