Tuesday, March 8: Genesis 50- Honoring our word .

Joseph honored his word to bury his father in his home of Canaan. Joseph honored his word and cared for his brothers and their families after their father died. Joseph asked the Israelites to take his bones when God brings them out of Egypt, which they do in Exodus 13:19.

Honoring our word is one way we honor God with our lives. When we say we are going to do something, something honorable that is, we do it. Thus we are people of integrity, which reflects positively on our Lord and God.

God drives this home with a simple question to me, “Bill, do you honor your word? Are you a man of integrity?”

God is asking me this.  Now, I’m asking you. Are you a person of integrity? Do you honor and follow through on your word?

Think about it…

God, I am grateful that You honor Your Word. I can put my trust in what You have said You will do because You do it. Thank You, Lord.

Give me strength to emulate You and in so doing, being a man of my word. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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