Wednesday, March 9: Psalm 88- Talking to God from the darkness.

This is a dark Psalm. The singer is not in a good place. He/she is engulfed in darkness. Death, at least fear of death, looms large (3-5). Grief and wrath are other words used by the psalmist.

And yet, they are speaking with the Lord. The psalmist is reaching his/her voice to the Lord in faith, not from sight. The more I try to enter this Psalm, the more faith shouts from its verses.

There is no human reason to call to the Lord. No earthly reason to cry out to God. The only reason is believe in One who can save you from the pit.

Despite the darkness, this is a psalm of faith, of hope, of trust in God who saves (1).

The Psalm begs the question, when I am in a bad place, emotionally, physically, spiritually, do I reach out to my God who hears and saves?

Do you?

This Psalm also reminds me that bad things happen to God’s people. We, who love and serve the Lord, are not exempt from hardship, pain, depression, fear, loss, sickness, betrayal and any other mayhem that might befall a human being. Where we are different is that we have someone to turn to during those times. We have someone who can save us from those times. We have someone who will listen and respond during those times. We have the Lord God Almighty as our Lord and Savior. What a comfort in times of trouble that is…

Lord, God, my heart is alive and rejoicing in You this morning. You are always there. You are a call away. Lord, thank You for these words, words I can cry and pray when life pounds and natural words escape me. In those moments I can pray back to You these words You have place in the psalter. I love You, Lord. And I lift my voice to the One who saves me… Halleluiah. Amen.


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