Tuesday, March 1: Genesis 44- Mixed-bag people in the hands of God.

In terms of devotions, this is kind of a strange story. No mention of God, just the continuing interplay between Joseph and his brothers. Why Joseph schemes up this rouse I don’t know. Could it be that he wants his brothers to feel a bit of the life-uncertainty that he felt when they sold him to the traders? Could it be a small bit of revenge???

I don’t know. If it is a small slice of revenge then this is not something the Lord would have us emulate in Joseph’s life.

Just because it is in the Bible and just because one of the Bible heros does something does not mean it is emulation worthy.

The people in the Bible, even the heroes of faith, are all fully human, which means they are a mixed bag of emotions and motivations, faithful in one moment and sinful in the next. And pretty much every action is a mix of both… just like me and you.

As these words blurt out of me onto the screen, a good news shout echoes back to me. God’s grace is at work. God uses mixed-bag people of every time and age and race and tongue to be His messengers of grace.

Christ followers are not perfect, we are not even better than other people. Despite that, through God’s Spirit who lives in us because of our faith in Jesus, God can and does use us to propel His saving message around the world.

Amazing… mixed bag of good and bad that we are, we are God’s tools to save the world and spread His glory from shore to shore and sea to sea!

God’s desire and will is for us to avail ourselves to Him to be used as He sees fit. This drives me to prayer… and the prayer that forms in my heart and mind comes from the prophet Isaiah:

Here I am, Lord. Send me… use me. Amen.


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