Thursday, March 3: Genesis 46- Pause to pray.

I was impressed that Jacob paused to worship at Beersheba before he left the Promised Land and went to Egypt.

Conniving at times… Yes. Dishonest, cheating at times… Yep. And yet, Jacob could also be amazingly faithful.

It seems fair to say that as Jacob aged he grew more faithful and mature so prayer seems fitting now that he is older.

Whatever the reason, I am impressed that Jacob paused to pray and God answered and spoke to Jacob as he was embarking on this move.

Do I check in with the Lord and pray before major life decisions?

Jacob did…

Lord, teach me to lean on You at all times not just the important times. Teach me to pause and check in regularly with You. Also, to make sure I am tracking with You and not simply running ahead in my own pursuits. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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