Wednesday, March 16: Exodus 3- The call of God.

As I was reading the story of God’s call to Moses from the burning bush, my mind was comparing it to Isaiah’s call in Isaiah 6. Both men had a direct God encounter and heard the voice of God call to them. Their ‘in-the-moment’ decisions were very different. Isaiah said “Here I am, send me… (Isaiah 6:8)

Moses, too. responds, “Here I am” (5). But his follow up was much more questioning, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (11). Then Moses follows up with a few more questions.

Moses’ encounter with God continues well into the next chapter and I will save that for tomorrow.

The chapter ends in ambiguity; we don’t know what Moses will do.

The Moses-Isaiah comparison struck me. How different it was. Isaiah immediately overwhelmed and awed by God was instantly obedient. Moses was unsure and questioning.

People have many reactions to God and it is not the first reaction that ultimately matters, it is our life-long reaction that counts.

We know Moses becomes God’s servant but it takes a while for faith to blossom in him. However, when it does, Moses is steeled for the job.

This reminds me to give people a chance to grow into faith. Oh, it is wonderful when people dive in head first at initial invitation, but that is not always the case. Some wade in slowly, some dabble and question before finally entering. Some dabble or wade for a while and then leave (read Jesus’ parable of sowing the seed in different soil Mark 4).

Despite our beginning, aggressive or timid, once we lay our lives in God’s hands, God is able to use us to do great things.

Where are you in your life with Jesus? Are you all in? Are you ankle deep? Are you dabbling, dipping a toe in once in a while? Maybe today is the day to dive in and see where God will take you and use you.

Think about it…

Lord, I want to be all in for Jesus, soaking wet in the Spirit and being available to Jesus 24/7/365. Here I am Lord, use me. Amen.


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