Wednesday, March 30: Exodus 15- Songs and wonderings.

From this chapter springs many devotional moments.

My mind pondered the wonder of song. Moses sang and taught the people to sing. Miriam sang and taught the ladies to sing. And these were songs of faith.

There is something about songs of faith. Each time I gather for worship we sing… we sing of the might and power and goodness and love of God. We sing songs to God, about God and crying out to God.

Song presses deeper into the human inner being than words alone. Religious songs strengthen faith. Patriotic songs breed national pride. Love songs arouse. Comedic songs can cause us to guffaw.

God’s Word is full of song. God’s people have sung of the Lord for millennia. It seems good and wise to sing the songs of old and new songs, songs of today, because the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). We should even sing songs of where we are headed… songs of eternity.

As I pressed on in my reading, I wondered how we humans can be so forgetful and fearful. Three days after their miraculous deliverance through the Red Sea, the Israelites apparently stopped singing the song and began grumbling as water rations diminished and thirst grew.

They walked through a sea “tunnel” on dry land and then watched the sea crash in and drown their enemies and yet, they could not see that the Lord would or could deliver them from thirst.

How fickle and momentary we can be!

What have you done for me lately, O God?

Wonderings about how I can sustain my faith and not fall prey, like the Israelites, to fear and grumbling, erupted in my thoughts…

Oh, God, I want to do better than these faith-ancestors did. Oh, Lord, when all is said and done and my body is placed in a grave, as my soul flies to be with You for eternity, I long to be known as one who stood faithfully with You. I long to leave a legacy of faith and service to Jesus.

I long that my life, as well as my mouth sings, Your praise…

Oh, Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all thy hands have made…



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